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Robert Kennedy Jr. Calls BTC the Money of Liberty

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – a presidential hopeful and recognised bitcoin enthusiast – has significant qualms with how the Liberty Convoy was dealt with last yr in Canada.

Robert Kennedy on the Flexibility Convoy Last Year

The Freedom Convoy was comprised of truckers who have been protesting the region’s unexpected pro-COVID vaccine rules. The thought was that to perform as a trucker, one particular now had to be injected with a vaccine that hadn’t been completely demonstrated and was swirling with controversy.

As a final result, many of them took to the streets, but the Canadian federal government – led by its cowardly and considerably-left prime minister Justin Trudeau – took issue with this and slash off their financial institution accounts and all accessibility to typical fiat products and solutions and providers.

This led many individuals to commence donating cripto to the Convoy, hoping to help them in their plight against injustice. Kennedy commented that to slash off their bank accounts like that and to just take this kind of motion versus the users goes from every thing that modern day democracy stands for, and he’s not delighted this kind of an incident occurred. He outlined in a the latest job interview:

They did a thing that was, to me, unimaginable. They made use of facial recognition, license plate identification, and [several] other technologies to identify the identities of the truckers, and then they froze their bank accounts and their credit cards.

He mentioned his impression of Canada seriously changed subsequent this moment. He mentioned:

This federal government of Canada, which I feel most people today like me had regarded a position design for western liberal democracy, instantly morphed into this monster. It transpired to me at that level that freedom of transaction was at the very least as critical as liberty of expression.

Not long ago, Kennedy stirred even further controversy by expressing that need to he get the White Residence later on following 12 months, he’ll do all he can to be certain USD is backed by bitcoin and other commodities. He said:

My proposal is to make a modest quantity of T-payments backed by a basket of hard property, like gold, silver, platinum, and bitcoin. We are on the lookout at how that sort of commodity-dependent asset may put a small bit of willpower into the Fed and the follow of just printing revenue arbitrarily with no regulate and no backstop at all.

No More Capital Gains Taxes?

He’s also said he would like to do away with money gains for bitcoin and USD-linked transactions. He said:

I’ve talked about some sort of suspension of the money gains taxes for conversion of bitcoin. One of the dangers we want to steer clear of is making substantial windfalls for BlackRock and for Goldman, but there may be evidence that we might be ready to do that with a million-dollar cap, so tiny traders who are into bitcoin would not have to pay out the funds gains taxes, but tremendous significant holding firms like BlackRock and Goldman would.

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